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Youth Town Halls

Background information - Texas Observer YOUTH TOWN HALLS- S4IVP is proud to announce that Julián Castro has become the first 2020 presidential candidate to publicly support a televised youth town hall. 
Young people are tired of politicians pushing them to the side. In recent years, youth voter turnout has been surging, and it's time for political campaigns to reflect that. We need to see concerted efforts to include different perspectives in every step of their trip to the White House. There must be a nationally televised youth town hall where the concerns of the youth are placed front and center.  
Young people need to see candidates talking about issues that affect them. Young people, especially LGBTQ+ youth and people of color, need to see candidates answering questions from people like them. We deserve the ability to ask questions directly to the candidates, because we will play a huge role in electing them. 
Julián Castro is the first; who will be next?

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